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VersePerfect 2.0

Looking to write a poem? Here's some help

This powerful application Might lead you into an ardent temptation To spend hours and hours Writing joyful poems, inspired, perhaps, by summer flowers. The interface is well-designed, easy-to-use, pleasant and clear And you have many powerful...
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  • by Anonymous

    Awesome. It's perfect. Everything I needed. It's easy to use and has great options

  • by Anonymous

    Great fun! And useful.. Be careful! You could spend many hours playing around with this great software.

  • by Anonymous

    Country Music??. I liked it, I just dont want to use it for poetry I was writing a country song and had to get rid of a lot of the rhyming words... is there a tool available to write country music too

  • by Anonymous

    Its so good... it cant be explained. AWSOME. It helped me out when I couldn't think of anything.

  • by Anonymous

    Mac version? Here's your answe!. First install 'WineBottler' which will let you run (some) windows programs on OSX. Then download the VersePerfect program and install. Happiness will ensue I can assure you! ; ) Pros: Free, very thoughtfully done program. Cons: Just lyrics. This is not about recording ideas or arranging or anything like that. For what it does and the price, it's fantastic.